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Tim Burke sole owner/operator started his Pedicab career in 2010 as a means to reach his fundraising commitment for the many numerous cycling charity event he participates in.

Working part time on the weekends Tim would rent a Pedicab from a local Newport company and 100% of his profits would be donated to his cycling event fundraising commitments,

This business plan continued for almost 9 years when Tim purchased and restored his own Pedicab. He then created a non-profit company to continue his commitment to cycling for charity.

Fast forward to 2021 ……. Tim was fortunate enough to be able to retire from his 45 year career as a Mechanical engineer and turn his pedicab business into a fun and exciting career.

Tim still maintain his dedication to supporting cycling and non-cycling charities event by making a commitment to donating 10% of his pedicab companies profits to charity. At different times through the pedicab season he post a sign to indicate which charity his company donates that days profits to support.

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